Our commitment is to ensure both ethical and fair practices.

Affinity Health began with a strong foundation in family values, which promote dedication to quality, excellence, respect for others, dignity, commitment, and independence.

We live by these foundational values each and every day.

Promise to our Clients

  1. Everyone will be treated with respect, dignity, honesty and fairness. We will not offer misleading information or supply unnecessary services. We promote free choice in all matters.
  2. We will provide reliable, effective and prompt health care in the home that fits the specific needs of the client while maintaining a safe environment.
  3. We will protect the confidential nature of all medical and personal information, divulging it only predetermined family members, lawyers or people with the power of attorney.

Promise to our Staff

  1. All performance audits will follow the guidelines set forth in orientation and will not target personal traits, such as race, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliations, intellectual or physical inability, of family relationships.
  2. We will only hire those individuals that can pass an extensive background, education, and reference check, and meet our expectations for excellence through continued learning.

Promise to Ourselves

  1. We will remain competitive in our industry with integrity and fortitude.
  2. We will operate in a socially responsible manner
  3. We will refrain from any action that appears to approach copyright infringement
  4. We will commit to resolving any and all disputes fairly and in a timely manner.


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