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Dementia & Alzheimers Care Richmond Hill

Alzheimers Care Richmond Hill provides compassionate care by experienced caregivers who will take the time to understand your loved one.

If you or a loved one is dealing with Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia, you are likely having daily struggles with everyday tasks, which is a very normal result in dealing with these diseases. Attention must be given to even the smallest of details that have the potential to improve a client’s responsiveness and quality of life for individuals with any form of Dementia. Focusing on the small details and delivering a customized approach to the services required will help drastically improve your everyday quality of life.  

Dementia & Alzheimers Care Richmond Hill – Affinity Health

Affinity Health is a professionally owned Canadian company offering dedicated Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Care programs that are tailored and personalized to the individual needs of each client.

Our assessments and nursing visits create the opportunity for us to understand you and your family member’s individual needs and adjust your care plan accordingly so that caregivers can truly make a meaningful impact in your life.

Individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia may also need assistance with other tasks and duties, such as Personal Care, Home Support and Housekeeping, Meal Preparation and more. Care Plans can and will involve any of the services we offer, so as to ensure every need, medical or otherwise, is addressed.

Dementia & Alzheimers Care Richmond Hill – Services Offered

The following services are included with our Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Richmond Hill:

  • Case management services
  • Personal care and daily hygiene
  • Nursing care
  • Home support and housekeeping
  • Companionship and mental stimulation
  • Transportation for outings and appointments
  • Communication with other health care professionals
  • 24/7 support for questions and concerns
  • So much more

If you, as a supporting family member, are assisting or caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, you may also be in need of Respite Care, in order to allow yourself some time to rest and take a break from the constant attention you are likely providing. Affinity Health will work around your schedule to ensure care is available and provided whenever these well-deserved breaks are needed.

As always, our services can be provided whether you reside at home, in a retirement community, or in a long-term care facility.

Call today to speak with a home care specialist and find out more about your options. With no contracts and no minimum hours, our experienced team will find the right mix of caregivers and services to ensure a positive difference is made.


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