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Professional, Compassionate Home Care in Vaughan

The need for home care is steadily increasing in Canada.  Family caregivers have always been the forefront of caring for a loved one, however the demands of today’s busy world make this very hard. More and more Canadians are choosing to remain in their own homes to receive the care they need. 


Home Care in Vaughan – Important Considerations

If you are looking for professional Home Care in Vaughan for you or a loved one, there are some factors you can weigh to ensure you are making an informed decision. The key is finding a home care agency that is right for you.

Some factors you may want to consider when deciding on a good home care agency are:

  • Experience
  • Quality of staff
  • Variety of services
  • Adaptability
  • Cost

When shopping for the right home care agency, you will probably want to take a look at the agency’s track record. If the company has a long-standing history of success in the field, then it is likely a good candidate for consideration.

Like with any business, you want to make sure they have a solid reputation and people are saying good things about them.

Quality of Staff

Another important factor to consider is the people that are working there. Is there any mention on the website about the credentials, experience, and personality of their staff?

Variety of Services

Home care agencies that offer a broad range of services are often more favorable that those that only offer a few. The reason for this is that home care situations and circumstances can change dramatically over a short period of time.

For instance, if your loved one suddenly experiences an illness or injury, it will likely require a change in the care plan. If the home care agency you are using doesn’t offer the service you need, you may have to scramble to find more help or a new agency entirely.


This factor is closely linked to the previous two. You want an agency with good, experienced management and employees that can adjust to changing needs. A home care provider that offers for services, is also more adaptable because they are able to treat and care for a larger assortment of health conditions.


As with anything you are spending money on, cost is also something to contemplate. The solution is finding an affordable service without sacrificing quality. 

Home Care in Vaughan – Affinity Health

Affinity Health is a professional home care agency that provides exceptional home care services in Vaughan and the GTA. The company is owned and operated by professionals, and all the caregivers have been selected based on their capacity for compassionate and empathy, as well as their experience.

Affinity Health in Vaughan offers a wide range of services to cover all your home care needs. These services are totally customizable and adaptable to handle any needed changes or adjustments. You choose only the services you need, so your costs reflect only the services you selected.

BENEFITS of our home care in vaughan

Free Consultation

Take advantage of a free in-home consultation with a nurse to discuss your needs and preferences.

No Contracts

There are no contracts and no long-term obligations.  24 hours cancellation notice is all that is needed.

Free Nurse Management

You will receive ongoing Case Management by an experienced Nurse.  This includes 24/7 on-call support.


Whether you require 24-hour nursing care, or basic housekeeping and meal preparation, Affinity Health delivers.  Find out more about our range of customized home care for clients of all ages.  All services are fully customized to your needs, preferences and budget.


Affinity Health provides a wide range of home care services for seniors including Personal Care, Home Support and Companion Care…but how does that translate into care for your specific needs? Read more about how we can help you or your loved one with the afflictions you are facing.   Don’t see your specific needs?  Call us to discuss!

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