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Affinity Health

Caregiver Support Program

Caregiver Support Program

At Affinity Health, we know that being a primary caregiver is hard work. You may have a lot of questions about providing quality care to your loved ones, but don’t know who to ask. Our caregiver support program is designed for caregivers who enjoy taking care of their loved ones, but who may find the undertaking too overwhelming.

Affinity Health will work with you, by coaching and training you on how to provide proper, effective care to your loved one. In addition, we will always be on-call when you need support or assistance, and we will provide you with the necessary tools to give your loved ones the care they deserve!

Our caregiver support program includes the following services:

  • Our care management service
  • An initial in-home assessment to gauge the extent of your caregiver needs
  • Weekly visits from an experienced client care manager
  • Training and review of basic personal care techniques
  • Training in Affinity Health documentation
  • Ongoing supply of Affinity Health documentation
  • Guidance through healthcare system
  • Coordination and delivery of home medical equipment and supplies
  • Open communication with other healthcare professionals
  • Immediate response for additional care
  • 24-hour on-call support for any questions or urgent matters


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