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Meal Preparation Markham – Healthy Eating

What is Meal Preparation?

Meal preparation, quite simply, is a service provided by our Caregivers in your home, where we take the time to make meals according to your personal preferences and dietary needs. Our Meal Preparation in Markham is an extremely important aspect of home care service for clients who require help in maintaining good nutrition during their illness or injury.

Having wholesome, well balanced meals is often forgotten when its either too busy or when we are focused simply healing from what ails us.  Proper nutrition is a key component to any proper recovery, and more than ever the body needs a health diet during when are bodies are healing.  When we are busy or too ill to cook, we often turn to fast food or frozen meals because it’s simple and fills the stomach, but these are rarely healthy options that help our bodies heal. Affinity Health’s in-home Meal Preparation in Markham ensures our clients stay healthy.

Meal Preparation Markham – Services Offered

The following are examples of the services included with our Meal Preparation:

  • Groceries. Our caregivers will help you make a grocery list based on your preferences and go pick up the groceries for you.  If you prefer to out and do them yourself with our help, we can also accompany on the outing. Online ordering is also possible.
  • Put away the groceries in your fridge and cupboards
  • Prepare meals to your liking for the current day
  • Prepare meals for the upcoming days and either refrigerate or freeze them in single or double servings
  • Serve your meals to you in bed or at the table
  • Clean up the kitchen after meals
  • Log your nutritional intake in our client file so that you keep track of your nutrition
  • Speak with any specialists involved in your care to ensure your nutrition intake is properly assessed.

Benefits of our Meal Preparation in Markham

Many different factors make it difficult for our clients to eat well, from medication side effects, to a lack of interest in cooking for just one or two people. If you are a senior, older adults have different nutritional requirements. Though they need fewer calories, they need more protein, calcium, B vitamins, and other nutrients.

At Affinity Health, making sure that your loved ones consume nutritious meals that adhere to their dietary restrictions and preferences is a priority. We develop a meal plan based on their special dietary needs. Our Caregivers and Nurses work with you to plan and prepare meals, go grocery shopping, and provide dinner companionship when needed. If your loved one is diabetic, has certain allergies or any other health restrictions, our caregivers will prepare meals designed with their specific dietary needs in mind.

Our Meal Preparation in Markham is included with our normal hourly services.  Meal Preparation can be part of a larger list of tasks and priorities that our caregivers can deliver while in the home.  Please ask about our Meal Preparation in Markham and we can customize a plan for you or your loved one.


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