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Respite Care Markham – Help is on the way

Family Caregivers all deserve a break once in a while…as hard as it might seem. The services of Respite Care Markham is exactly the answer you need.

Respite Care Markham – Avoid Burnout

Respite Care is defined as temporary care of a sick, elderly, or disabled person, providing relief for their usual caregiver.  Quite simply it is care for the caregiver.  So often when dealing with an ill or recovering family member, all the attention and energy is spent caring for them. This can often lead to what is known as Caregiver Burnout and if you are feeling worn down and tired, you are not alone.  This is a common issue with millions of family caregivers across the country.

Research shows that, if you’re overwhelmed by the demands of caregiving, the level of care you provide may suffer. That’s why it’s important to take a break and consider receiving Respite Care Services that properly tend to your loved one’s needs and help you relax for a day or two. This can increase your ability to provide effective care to your loved one for a longer period of time. Don’t let yourself burn out. Let our caregivers provide the home care you need, so you can rest and recharge.

Respite Care Markham – Services Offered

Receiving proper Respite Care in Markham can have a positive effect on the health of a family caregiver and their loved ones. Affinity Health provides Respite Care Services with you and your loved one in mind.

Our Respite Care in Markham can include the any of following:

  • Case Management Services with a Nurse including Consultation and Supervisory Visits;
  • Personal Care Services;
  • Home Support Services;
  • Grocery Shopping and Errands;
  • Coordination and delivery of Home Medical Equipment and Supplies;
  • 24-hour on-call support for any questions or urgent matters;
  • Immediate response for additional care;
  • Communication with other healthcare professionals.

Call us today to speak with a Home Care Specialist and discuss the options for your Respite Care in Markham.  With no contracts and no minimum hours, we can help you as much or as little as needed.  We will visit your home for a free consultation and find the right caregiver to help.


Contact us today for more information on your home care options. Free Consultations with no obligation.

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