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Home Care Mobility Assessments and Home Safety in Hull, OTT

Senior Footcare Tips To Preserve Mobility And IndependenceMobility Assessments and Home Safety

As a fully-accredited home care provider Hull, OTT, Affinity Health understands the importance of home safety for all seniors. Having a professional therapist assess your home environment with your specific mobility challenges in mind is critical.

The certified Occupational Therapists at Affinity Health offer comprehensive in- home assessments and on-going advice to ensure every aspect of your home and the equipment you need is safe and properly designed for your needs.

Our certified occupational therapy services include:

  • Home safety assessments
  • Bathroom-only safety assessments
  • A comprehensive therapist report, including safety recommendations
  • Prescriptions for walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, and other equipment
  • Training with caregivers for use of new equipment
  • Completion of forms to receive proper government funding
  • Parking tag registration for people with disabilities

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