About Us


Inspiring confidence in those we serve through empathy and dignity.


To serve as a vehicle for positive change in the delivery of personal care services that ensures that all our clients receive care that respects their rights and wishes, maintains their level of independence, and maximises their quality of life.



By our words and actions, we create a caring environment for everyone.

  • We are sensitive to the concerns of our clients and our co-workers.
  • We are respectful and courteous to each other at all times.
  • We promote and reward teamwork and inclusiveness.


We provide a safe environment for our clients, for our colleagues and for our partners.

  • We create a sense of security and empowerment and are committed to keeping one another free from harm.
  • We embrace a framework and best practices for the highest quality of care.


We work together to merit the trust of our colleagues and those we serve.

  • We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for practicing our values.
  • We communicate frequently, honestly and openly.
  • By our actions, we create an environment of trust.

100% Accredited 

Accreditation Canada has designated Affinity Health as “Accredited with Exemplary Standing”. This designation, active until December 2026, means Affinity Health exceeds the national standards for health care set out by Accreditation Canada.

Accreditation Canada is a national not-for-profit organization that provides health care companies with a review process to assess the services they provide based on established standards of excellence. Their programs and guidance have helped organizations promote quality health care for over 50 years.

Our Commitment to Clients

Our objective at Affinity Health is to provide the highest possible level of care to our clients at all times.
This will be achieved through the following:

a) Clients of Affinity Health shall be treated with consideration, respect and with full recognition of their dignity and individuality.

b) Employees of Affinity Health shall honour and respect their client’s needs with respect to privacy and the practice of individual customs within their own surroundings.

c) All medical and personal information of Affinity Health clients shall remain completely confidential.

d) Clients of Affinity Health shall, whenever possible, participate in the planning of their care and all scheduling will be completed with respect to their individual needs.

e) Clients of Affinity Health shall have the opportunity to maintain as independent a lifestyle as possible through the decisions concerning acts of daily living.

f) Clients of Affinity Health can expect full disclosure with respect to their individual care plans.

g) Clients of Affinity Health shall receive personal and individualized care from trained healthcare professionals who best suit their medical needs and their personality traits.

h) Clients of Affinity Health shall have the right to full and detailed disclosure with respect to invoicing procedures. Statement of Client Rights Affinity Health firmly believes that our clients and/or their legally- appointed representatives have the right to:

9.1 Safety

a) To expect that all reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure your safety.

9.2 Dignity and Respect

b) To receive courteous and respectful treatment and to be free from mental, physical and financial abuse by our employees.

c) To have your property treated respectfully by our employees

9.3 Personal Choice

a) To refuse to answer questions or to refuse any care, to the extent permitted by law, and to be informed of the consequences of any such refusal.

b) To be dealt with in a manner that recognizes your individuality and is sensitive to your needs and preferences while promoting autonomy and personal lifestyle choices.

c) To refuse to accept caregivers with whom you are not compatible.

d) To participate in your own care.

e) To change your healthcare provider.

f) To make an Advance Directive. An Advance Directive consists of written instructions that direct the care provided if you are unable to do so.

9.4 Privacy and Confidentiality

a) To expect optimal privacy during the execution of your personal care.

b) To be granted privacy and confidentiality in the collection, use, disclosure, storing and destruction of personal and health records, in accordance with privacy legislation.

9.5 Assessment and Appropriate Care

a) To expect a free no-obligation assessment by a client care manager at the start of service, routine reassessments on existing clients and ongoing consultative access to our client care managers as necessary.

b) To receive all necessary pertinent information in order to provide informed consent before the initiation of service.

c) To receive prompt service.

d) To participate in the planning of your care and to expect a written current and comprehensive care plan.

e) To receive continuity of care and a reasonable consistency of caregivers.

f) To receive appropriate care from experienced, trained caregivers who match your needs and care requirements and who are aware of your current condition and needs.

g) To expect availability of service 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

9.6 Non-Discrimination

a) To be treated with dignity and respect regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, physical or mental disability, family or marital status, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

b) To complain or identify problems and/or suggest changes without fear of reprisal or discrimination.

c) To obtain a referral to an alternate service provider, without prejudice, if services from Affinity Health are, for any reason, terminated.

9.7 Information

a) To be fully informed of your rights and responsibilities before the start of service.

b) To be advised how to reach us on a 24/7 basis. If an emergency occurs, do not hesitate to call 911 to access the emergency medical system.

c) To receive complete current information about your care in terms you and your family can understand.

d) To be informed, with reasonable notice, of changes in your care plan, your workers or your schedule.

e) To ask for and receive an explanation of any charges billed by Affinity Health.

f) To review any record created and maintained by Affinity Health regarding your care.

g) To receive honest, accurate and clear information about our services and practices.

h) To be fully informed, with reasonable notice, of any relevant changes in our policies, procedures or billing rates.

9.8 Client Satisfaction

a) To expect timely and fair resolutions to your concerns and complaints.

b) To obtain access to or request correction of your personal information.

c) To ask a question or make a comment on Affinity Health information practices.

d) To expect regular monitoring of your satisfaction of services via quality assurance procedures.

Health Care Services Provider

Affinity Health provides:

  1. Personalized in-home care
  2. Staff replacement solutions
  3. Transitional care services

Our company began with a focus on home care with the notion that seniors wanted a health care service with a personal touch. The company was founded on the principles of respect, independence, and dignity, and today our mission is to inspire confidence in everything our caregivers do and do so with dignity and empathy each and every visit and shift.

We started in 1994. As Affinity Health progressively enhanced the lives of their clientele their business grew into an organization of individuals dedicating their lives to providing quality care for the thousands of seniors and now children we have served.

Today, while we still provide home care to a great many clients, we also serve retirement homes, long term care homes, and hospitals by providing qualified staff and caring for patients in transition from institutional settings to their homes.

Why Choose Affinity Health

Affinity Health is a Canadian company that has excelled at providing quality, customized services to seniors and their families for 30 years.

  • We are fully accredited by Accreditation Canada.
  • We provide Nurse-Managed Care, meaning all our services give you access to a nurse manager for all health-related questions and concerns.
  • We have won multiple Ethics awards with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We provide the widest range of services to help you or your loved one truly retire at home for as long as you choose.
  • We provide a free in-home nurse consultation to discuss your medical needs, personal preferences and budgets to ensure we customize the right plan of care.
  • There are no contracts. You can use as much or as little service as you need.

Your well-being is Our Priority.

Code of Ethics

Affinity Health is committed to providing the highest standards of excellence in the healthcare industry and is guided by the following Code of Ethics.

a) Affinity Health will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of its clients and employees.

b) Affinity Health will treat all individuals with dignity, fairness and respect regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, physical or mental disability, family or marital status, religious affiliations, or sexual orientation.

c) Affinity Health will provide the best possible care and service to all clients while adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards as set for the Home Care Industry by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation.

d) Affinity Health is committed to providing prompt, reliable, and effective home and healthcare appropriate to each individual’s needs and preferences, all the while promoting autonomy and respecting freedom of choice.

e) Affinity Health will ensure that the experience, skills, abilities, and qualifications of each employee meet the care requirements of their assigned clients and that they are aware of their clients’ current condition and needs. 

f) Affinity Health will ensure that all employees are adequately screened prior to employment, evaluated and supervised on a regular basis, and monitored for compliance within their professional regulatory body.

g) Affinity Health will protect the confidential nature of each individual’s medical, personal and financial records and will not disclose any information without prior written authorization by the individual or his/her legally-appointed representative, or unless so permitted by law.

h) Affinity Health will not tolerate any form of client or employee abuse.

i) Affinity Health is committed to resolving issues fairly and will investigate client and staff concerns and complaints in a timely manner.

j) Affinity Health will inform clients of the possibility of obtaining subsidized services and will work with clients to secure and coordinate any additional services for them to obtain optimal care.

k) Affinity Health will carry full professional liability, workers’ compensation, and bonding insurance.

l) Affinity Health will comply with existing municipal, provincial and federal legislation and regulations for healthcare personnel and services.

m) Affinity Health will not knowingly misrepresent its services or the qualifications of their employees and will be honest about costs of services.

n) Affinity Health will compete fairly and will not tolerate actions that unreasonably prevent competition.

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