“I want to say to date our relationship with your company has been excellent. I am sure you get many requests from many situations, but for us dealing with this terrible disease for the first time, your services has been invaluable.” – Mr. Walter Stack, Client POA

“During a most difficult time you came through, and I am very thankful for that. I woke every morning to your smile, which gave me a deeper reason to get out of my bed and made my condition more tolerable. Thank you, thank you, thank you…” – Ariana

“I thought I would write this note to give thanks for the level of care provided by your staff in the months past. My father had the chance to pass on with dignity thanks to you and your staff’s abilities.” – Lorna

“It is difficult to put into words how much you have helped with my father’s condition by providing the highest level of care, at time with short notice. Since I began with your service you have always accommodated my father’s needs in a pleasant manner, and have consistently been supportive and helpful throughout. I cannot thank you enough.” – Jennifer

“It has been eleven years, and the level of professionalism and quality of care is beyond my description. In that time the care provided was personal and loving in all forms of commitment. Sometimes I think that my personal gratitude is not enough for thanking you for your efforts in caring for Kae…” – Louise

“As a result of being cared for by your professional staff my grandmother was able to move to Calgary. Having this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in caring for my grandmother I want to say thank you with much appreciation and respect for all of the staff at Affinity Health. As things evolved my grandmother was able to live on her own until the age of 96. Again, from our family to yours, thank you…” – David

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