Special Needs Care

Special Needs Care Toronto and Ottawa

Over the many years of serving thousands of seniors in Toronto & Ottawa, Affinity Health has developed a very strong understanding of how to customize our services to the special needs of each individual client.

Our goal is to help seniors Affinity Health for as long as they choose, and whether our client has Parkinson’s disease, Dementia or any other ailment that requires special attention, this goal of remaining at home is attainable!


Mobility Assessments and Home Safety

As a fully-accredited home care provider, Affinity Health understands the importance of home safety for all seniors. Having a professional therapist assess your home environment with your specific mobility challenges in mind is critical.

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Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Affinity Health offers a program expressly dedicated to Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care that is personally tailored to the individual needs of each client.

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MS & ALS Care 

At Affinity Health, we know how upsetting a diagnosis can be, and how challenging it is to come to terms with the new realities that come along with that diagnosis.

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Palliative Care 

For each of us, there comes a time we must say goodbye. Having the proper Palliative Care in place can help everyone through this challenging time.

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Stroke Care 

Suffering a stroke can affect your loved one in many ways. It’s critical to have the right care in place to ensure all your questions are answered and needs are met.

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Parkinson’s Care

Caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s involves thoughtful consideration of a great many factors. When all of the pertinent elements are considered together, the overall set of responsibilities can culminate to an overwhelming set of tasks.

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 Similar Services

Meal Preparation

Through an intensive screening and matching process, we will find and designate a caregiver to you who is as capable and compassionate as you deserve, and will always treat you with the high level of kindness you expect.

Personal Care

You can feel confident that our qualified and professional Personal Care workers are knowledgeable and proficient, and are always ready to assist you with tasks such as bathing, dressing, and anything else that you may need help with.

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