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Choosing a Home Care Agency

Most people are exposed to shopping for home care only when an emergency need arises. This can create a stressful situation when you are tasked with selecting a home care service for your loved one and you know very little about what you should be asking. Understand the questions you should be asking and mistakes to avoid.

Getting Parents to Accept Help

The idea of accepting help around the house and especially for personal care is not an easy decision for any senior. For those seniors that are resisting help, it is important for family members to be respectful of this, and while it is important that proper care is put in place, it should be done so in a manner that helps them ease into this major lifestyle change.

Costs and Comparisons

There comes a time when all of us are faced with making health care choices for ourselves or a loved one. The decision will likely be based on a number of factors including health care needs, personal preferences and, of course, the cost of the options available. Click here to read more about your various options.

Financing Options

Canadians are living longer and, as we age, many of us require home and health care services not covered by the government. Affinity Health has sourced a unique financing program through a Schedule 1 lender that helps seniors remain in the comfort of home while paying for the services they require!

Insurance Options

With all of today’s healthcare technologies, the chances of living past the age of 100 are greater than ever. Many citizens are misinformed about the government health care available for senior citizens, and whether they cover the cost of long-term care. In Ontario, long-term care is not covered by the public health care system.

Legal Considerations

As we all age, it is extremely important to review a number of legal matters that may affect how you leave things behind, the level of care you receive, and how decisions are made when you are not able to make those decisions. These include living wills, powers of attorney, and instructions pertaining to life sustaining treatments.


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