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Affinity Staffing can help when you’re challenged with a shortage of health and supportive care staffing regardless of whether you’re trying to hire for leaves of absences, maternity leaves, seasonal worker shortages, special projects, hard to fill positions, and even in unique but critical circumstances as were created by COVID-19 to keep organisations from continuing to support their clients and communities.

Turnover is a reality of the health care environment and having to constantly recruit is costly, time consuming and frustrating. Our goal is to minimise or eliminate those issues for our clients. We have great relationships with accomplished caregiving professionals who love this lifestyle and are prepared to step in as and when they are required.

All of our staff are screened and go through a robust recruitment and hiring process so you can trust we will only offer you qualified individuals who are capable, accountable, committed, and are eager to get started and in cases where the placement isn’t suitable to your team or environment, we will work with you to find the resources that are.

RN, RPN, PSW, ECE, ECA Staffing Services

With over 28 years of caregiving experience, Affinity Staffing has created a pool of over 1000 caregiving staff across Ontario alone including Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Early Childhood Educators and other support roles.

Skilled and Competent Staff that Adhere to Established Guidelines and Standards

We pride ourselves in the ability to build such a strong team at Affinity Staffing. We have experienced clinical standards resources to ensure that all our staff meet our hiring criteria, are appropriately oriented and trained, and evaluated on an on-going basis.

That also includes being able to accommodate specific training requirements to support all levels of care ranging from:

  • Emergency Department certification
  • Operating Rooms certification
  • Med Surg Support experience
  • Intensive Care Unit certifications
  • Cardiac Intensive Care Unit certifications
  • Palliative/ End of Life Care
  • Pediatric Care: Complex Care Needs and Respite Support
  • ABI Experience
  • COVID19 Testing
  • On location first aid support


Enhanced Customer Service

We also have strong client experience managers focused on continuously understanding the needs of our clients and ensuring there is proper alignment between what our staff provide and what clients require. We constantly monitor our fulfilment rates, response times, and client satisfaction to make sure we take corrective actions as and when necessary to provide service we can be proud of.

Crisis Management Staffing – Learnings from Responding to COVID-19 Requirements

COVID-19 has changed the caregiving environment. While it was a learning experience for Affinity Staffing as well, we quickly learned that this was a time for working with our communities and caregiving institutions in ways to protect those receiving and those providing care.

Being a good community partner:

  • Working in an increased coordinated effort with managers and on-site Directors of Care to cover all necessary staffing needs, training, and self-screening protocol.
  • Utilize software and technology, including the collection and analysis of staff related data (FT, PT, and contracted staff), to be able to collaborate on training, facility protocols, tracking and scheduling staff.
  • For contracted staff – develop consistent pay rates and guaranteed hours so staff that are exclusive to the home are compensated appropriately to avoid the need of working multiple shifts at different facilities.
  • Coordinating with facilities to ensure residents receive the appropriate hours of care per day including nurse oversight (staffing mix – PSW, RPN, RN, etc.).
  • Ensure staff implement required precautions such as: Active staff and resident screening and maintain the supply and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

What we did:

  • Specialized mandatory COVID-19 training for all staff;
  • Daily self-screening to identify and report COVID-19 used by all caregiver staff;
  • Visit-specific client screening to identify and report COVID-19;
  • Supervisory screening of staff and clients by nurse case managers;
  • Documented telephone screening of:
    • staff as part of all regular communication: and
    • clients 24-48 hours before every visit.
  • Regular reminders and training for staff on:
    • Proper hand hygiene (including regular handwashing with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer);
    • Refraining from touching your eyes, nose and mouth;
    • Respiratory etiquette (cover your cough/sneeze with a tissue or into your arm, not your hand);
    • Staff staying home if sick;
    • Social Distancing;
    • Avoiding Crowds and large gatherings;
    • Avoiding non-essential travel into the community.
    • Ensuring adequate access to appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
    • Increased levels of cleaning and disinfection of the work environment.

During the pandemic we have had the privilege of supporting many retirement and long term care homes, transitional care units, by providing staffing support relief for their local teams to ensure they get the much needed break as well as ensuring remaining staff and residents were supported during times of isolation and exposure risk. To ensure the utmost care was provided to the residents, as well as the much-needed support for staff.

Affinity Staffing replacement is always evolving to support the needs of the communities served. With our client base knowing they can trust us with their needs, we’ve also taken upon the role to support their local recruitment needs for positions they require at their locations. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond credentials for a position, we ensure we’re providing the most suitable candidates for their needs through recruitment needs, candidate screening, and providing companies with only the best possible candidates for their onboarding needs.

As we are for some of our other clients, Affinity Staffing can be your end-to-end healthcare staffing partner. We offer highly qualified healthcare staff and support to Health Care Facilities, Long Term Care Homes, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and In-Home Care Providers.


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