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Skilled, Certified and Compassionate Staff that Adhere to Established Guidelines and Standards

We pride ourselves in our ability to build a strong team of qualified health care workers at Affinity Health. We have experienced clinical standard resources to ensure that all staff meet our hiring criteria, are appropriately oriented and trained, and are evaluated on an on-going basis.

That includes being able to accommodate specific training requirements to support all levels of care ranging from:

  • Emergency Department certification
  • Operating Rooms certification
  • Med Surg Support experience
  • Intensive Care Unit certifications
  • Cardiac Intensive Care Unit certifications
  • Palliative/ End of Life Care
  • Pediatric Care: Complex Care Needs and Respite Support
  • ABI Experience
  • COVID19 Testing
  • On location first aid support

Enhanced Customer Service

We have strong client experience managers focused on constantly observing the needs of our clients to ensure there is proper alignment between what our staff provide and what our clients require. We constantly monitor our fulfilment rates, response times and client satisfaction to make sure we take the appropriate corrective actions as and when necessary. This ensures we are providing care and supports that we can be proud of.

Affinity Health is steadily evolving to support the needs of the communities we proudly serve. With our client base knowing that they can trust us with their needs, we’ve taken upon the role to support their local recruitment needs for positions they require at their locations. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond credentials for a position. We ensure we provide the most suitable candidates for our client’s needs through candidate screening. We provide companies with the best possible candidates for their onboarding needs.

Affinity Staffing can be your end-to-end healthcare staffing partner. We offer highly qualified healthcare staff and support to Health Care Facilities, Long Term Care Homes, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and In-Home Care Providers.


Nursing & PSW Services

1:1 Private Care

Floor Assignments



  • Quality Care
    • Compassionate and certified workers
    • Flawless integration with your facility team
  • Reliable Service
    • 24/7 support
    • Nurse Led team
  • Prompt Assistance
    • Easy onboarding process
    • No contract required
    • Responsive scheduling team
    • Large, available pool of certified healthcare workers

Our Caregivers Meet All Requirements:

  • Reference check
  • Certifications
  • Vulnerable Sector Clearance
  • COVID-19 Protocols
  • Skills & Training
  • Immunization Records
  • First Aid Certifications
  • Licensing & Registrations

To request staff, please contact or 1-800-565-2273

For more information on our facility staffing services, please contact or 1-800-565-2273 x 130


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