Companion Care

Companion Care for All Ages


A friendly companion looking out for your safety will
positively change your day 

The frequent meaningful social interaction with a caring, kind, and considerate companion can be hugely impactful in the lives of Seniors, Children or anyone recovering from an accident or injury.

The goal of our Companion Care services in Toronto & Ottawa, ON is to cultivate a positive state of mental and emotional well-being for our clients. As part of our special in-home assessment, our Case Managers can select a companion for you or your loved one who is compatible with your personality preferences.

Finding a Perfect Match

We always keep in mind that what you need is more than simply a friend, you need a companion whom you can trust, and who you know will always be looking out for your safety.  Someone who can help you with outings, and who is devoted to ensuring that even the littlest of things that are important to you are managed and maintained.

You can be confident that our Companion Care services will be sure to find you someone that meets each and every one of your needs and will make sure that all of your care is properly managed.


Our Companion Care services are customized for anyone, at any age,
and can include the following:

  • Companionship while in hospital or at home
  • Respite and overnight supervision while in hospital or at home
  • Cueing and supervising all activities of daily living
  • Light meal preparation and supervision
  • Interactive and stimulation activities to make the day more enjoyable
  • Preparing grocery lists and grocery shopping
  • Accompaniment on outings & appointments
  • Regular Home Safety Inspections
  • Assistance with pet care
  • Assistance with hobbies and crafts

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