Transitional Care

Transitional Care Services

Affinity Health provides TRANSITIONAL CARE SERVICES designed to help prepare patients discharged from hospital to smoothly transition to the next appropriate destination. As needs change, our team works with patients and their families to update their care plans and services. Eligible patients and families from hospitals are referred to the program. While only a limited number of spaces are available, we work to accommodate patients who need extra support after hospital discharge.

A safe and comfortable short stay We care for patients in a seniors living community residence. The retirement residence, located in a quiet neighborhood in Richmond Hill, features many amenities including a hair salon, fireside lounge, library, fitness centre, piano lounge, and plenty of green space. Patients stay in private suites equipped with individual heating and cooling, and easy-access showers. Patients enjoy three freshly prepared meals and light refreshments daily.

What can patients expect in an Affinity TCU: We create personalized care plans with patients, family and with the hospital team. We provide daily care, rehabilitation, and recreation to help prepare patients to return home or to another residence. Patients are cared for by a team that will support and ensure they receive the care they need. This includes:

  • Nursing and personal care onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • As confirmed in personalized care plans, other services onsite such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, registered dietitian, speech language pathology, plus reactivation and recreation activities to prepare patients for the transition home or to another residence
  • Enhanced infection prevention and control procedures
  • Connection with patient’s family physician
  • Social work and caregiver support for families and caregivers
  • Services such as transportation to appointments and pharmacy dispensing, are also coordinated

What are Affinity Health Transitional Care Service Patient’s Rights?

Within the transitional care program, patients, their family and caregiver(s) have the right to:

  • Receive care in a courteous and respectful manner and be free from mental, physical, and financial abuse
  • Receive care in a manner that respects their dignity, privacy, and promotes independence
  • Receive care regardless of ethnic, spiritual, language, lifestyle, and cultural preferences
  • Receive a clear explanation of the services received and who will provide them
  • Actively participate in care assessment/planning and determine service requirements including any revision of service plans
  • Give or refuse consent to treatment of any service
  • Express concerns about care and decisions affecting care without fear of retribution
  • Be informed in writing on how to initiate a concern regarding a service provider
  • Confidentiality of personal health information

Patient Relations – complaints, concerns, compliments In collaboration with our partners, we are committed to listening to patients and learning from their experiences. We therefore believe that feedback, whether it is a compliment or complaint, is an opportunity for us to learn and to improve the quality of the care that we provide to our patients.

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