Diabetes is a disease that can affect people of all ages. However, as we get older our bodies have a more difficult time producing and utilizing appropriate levels of insulin. Diabetes is an incurable disease caused by the body’s ability to produce a sufficient amount of insulin causing elevated levels of glucose in the blood. This inefficiency is what leads to Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the type that often affects the elderly. Because diabetes often leads to high blood sugar levels, it can cause damage to organs, nerves and blood vessels. Diabetes may not be curable, but it is treatable.
Managing Diabetes
Here are 3 areas to focus on when treating diabetes:
• Follow a healthy and nutritious diet
• Partake in regular exercise
• Keep medicine and medications in order
Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial in the treatment of diabetes. Modifications may not only be necessary for what you eat, but also how much you consume. Try to avoid over-eating. Keep your portion of vegetables high, while having smaller portions of proteins such as meat, grains, or starches. Reducing your intake of sugar and fatty foods is heavily recommended, while increasing ingestion of foods high in fibre.
Participating in regular physical activity also plays an important part in treating diabetes. The suggested amount of aerobic activity a person should get on a weekly basis is roughly 150 minutes. Engaging in around 20 minutes exercise a day, helps in many ways:
• Reduces blood pressure
• Lowers blood-glucose levels
• Increases flexibility
• Increases balance
• Decreases heart disease
• Decreases stokes
Exercise can come in many different forms such as walking, swimming, running, or even gardening or cleaning the house.
It is important to keep an organized list of medicines and medications that need to be taken. There are many types of medicines that can be effective in the treatment of diabetes. Adding these to other medications that need to be taken, the process can become a bit confusing. Set up a schedule that can be followed with the frequency, amounts, and rules (e.g. take with food) for all medications.
By following a healthy diet, engaging in regular exercise, and organizing necessary medications you are on your way to successfully treating diabetes and avoiding unwanted complications.