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Companion Care in Scarborough, for All Ages

There are many studies that demonstrate there is a strong correlation between social activity and good overall health and our Companion Care in Scarborough can help! Maintaining positive social relationships is critical for both seniors and for children, in order to avoid social isolation while recovering from injury or dealing with an ailment.

Social isolation can have several damaging effects, such as:
  • Negative impact on health
  • Higher risk of chronic health conditions
  • Higher risk of depression
  • Can cause high blood pressure

These are just a few of the negative effects social isolation can have on people of all ages.

So how can you help your loved avoid becoming socially isolated?

Affinity Health provides Companion Care in Scarborough

Affinity Health is a reputable home care agency that specializes in providing Companion Care in Scarborough to adults and children that need a boost in their social activity or special attention while family members are at work or away from home. The experts at Affinity Health have been developing a range of services that can be personalized to accommodate the dynamic needs of our clients at any age!  If you live in the Scarborough area, and are looking for some increased social interaction for your loved one, Affinity Health is the perfect solution.

Services Offered

An assortment of services is available to help our clients and improve their quality of life while staying in their own home.

Some examples of our Companion Care in Scarborough are:

  • Companionship at any desired location (home, hospital, etc.)
  • Supervision and assistance with daily activities
  • Grocery lists and shopping
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Home safety
  • Accompaniment for appointments and other outings
  • Pet and plant care
  • Hobbies and crafts
  • Interactive games and activities
  • Overnight care
  • Respite care

All services can be customized to create your own personalized care package. A meeting with a registered nurse can be arranged to discuss applicable services and to determine your personal inclinations.

Benefits of Companion Care in Scarborough

The advantages to be gained from Companion Care in Scarborough can have a tremendously positive effect for those that are lacking regular social engagement.

Consistent social interaction can help stave off social isolation and the negative effects that come with it.

Companion Care in Scarborough can help:

  • Improve health
  • Decrease the chance of illness and disease
  • Decrease the risk of social isolation and depression
Improved Health

One of the greatest benefits of companion care is its positive effect on health. Regular visits from a qualified and experienced Affinity Health caregiver can help improve emotional, mental, and physical health.

The emotional benefits come from the unconditional emotional support afforded by caregivers. Your loved one will gain a trusted and suitable companion to interact with, and get assistance with daily activities.

Companion care will also have a positive effect on mental health. The very act of social interaction has a positive impact on mental acuity. A conversation forces both sides involved to process incoming information, formulate an appropriate response, and reply. This helps keep the mind active and nimble.

People that are more socially active, also tend to be more physically active. Regular social activity helps elevate mood, and increase feelings of self-worth. It encourages people to get out more to see friends and family.

The physical benefits of companion care, can be enjoyed through exercise routines, or even just going for a walk to the park.


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