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Respite Care in Scarborough

Respite Care Scarborough can be an extremely valuable service, and even necessary, for family caregivers. It is estimated that about half of all people over the age of 15 in Canada have provided some sort of informal care to a loved one.

As Canada’s population continues to age at a rapid pace, that number is only going to increase. For those with a child who is in need of care, the challenges are similar.  It tends to be a family member that is the first one to step up when it is recognized that a loved one needs home care assistance.

Family caregivers are a very valuable home care resource. However, most family caregivers have full-time jobs and their own issues to deal with.  To avoid caregiver burnout, Respite Care Scarborough is offered to provide some relief.

Respite Care Scarborough – Affinity Health

Affinity Health is an established home care agency that specializes in Respite Care in Scarborough. The professionals at Affinity Health have designed a diverse range of services to improve quality of life for our clients of all ages, and their family caregivers.


Respite Care Scarborough – Services Offered

Respite Care in Scarborough is available to provide a much-needed and well-deserved break for family caregivers. A wide variety of options are offered to help our clients manage their daily routines with autonomy and dignity.

Some services included with Respite Care Scarborough are:

  • Case management
  • Personal care
  • Home support
  • Companion care
  • Assistance with any needed medical equipment and supplies

Respite Care in Scarborough can be customized to meet your specific care needs and personality preferences. A free introductory assessment will be arranged to discuss these options. This will help match your loved one with a compatible caregiver, and build an effective care plan.

Once your personalized care plan has been created, ongoing support is offered in the form of:

  • Open communication with healthcare professionals and family members involved in your case
  • 24-hour on call support for emergencies and any other issues that may arise
  • Regular reviews by Nurse Case Manager to make sure you are getting the care you need
  • Immediate response to any requests for additional care

Personal Care Services

These services are available to help our clients that are having difficulty managing daily routines and completing ordinary tasks. With our Respite Care in Scarborough, Caregivers can assist with personal maintenance responsibilities like:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Skin care
  • Oral care
  • Medications
  • Exercise routines

These tasks concerning personal hygiene tend to be private, so asking for help with them may be quite awkward for your loved one. However, maintaining good hygiene is very important for overall health.

Home Support Services

Home support services are designed for our clients that need some assistance with household chores. As we get older, our mobility starts to decline. Limited mobility can make housework seem like a never-ending job. Caregivers are there to help with:

  • House cleaning and tidying
  • Grocery lists and shopping
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Laundry
  • Vacuuming
  • Accompaniment to appointments and outings

Companion Care Services

These services are excellent for those looking to increase their social interaction. Regular social activity is critical for maintaining good health. Social interaction helps keep the brain active and sharp. With our Respite Care in Scarborough, Caregivers can also provide companionship while getting some physical exercise, by going for a walk to the park or engaging in exercise routines.


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