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RECOVERY CARE in Scarborough 

No matter your age, there may come a time when you need medical help or personal assistance to help recover from an accident, injury or surgery. Affinity Health provides professional, compassionate home care to help you through tough times. 

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All services start with a Free Nurse Consultation, where we design a care plan that meets all your needs. 

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With no contracts and 24/7 support, your services can be as flexible as needed!


Free Consultation

Take advantage of a free in-home consultation with a nurse to discuss your needs and preferences.

No Contracts

There are no contracts and no long-term obligations.  24 hours cancellation notice is all that is needed.

Free Nurse Management

You will receive ongoing Case Management by an experienced Nurse.  This includes 24/7 on-call support.


Affinity Health provides a wide range of Home Care Services including Personal Care, Home Support and Companion Care…but how does that translate into care for your specific needs? Read more about how we can help you or your loved one with the afflictions you are facing.   Don’t see your specific needs?  Call us to discuss!

Hospital Discharge

It’s time to come home from the hospital, but there are a lot of factors to consider. We can help, immediately.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The road to recovery from a severe injury can be complex and deserves the professional, compassionate attention.

Workplace Injuries

With a strong focus on quality of life and commitment to your health care goals, we can help get you back to work.

Locations Served