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Nursing Care in Scarborough

If you have a loved one that requires regular care from a registered nurse, in-home Nursing Care in Scarborough can be extremely beneficial.

Repeated studies have shown that people of all ages tend to heal, recover, and thrive in a safe and familiar environment. This comes as no surprise really, as it makes sense that when a person feels comfortable and secure, there are not as many negative outside influences that could interfere with achieving optimal health. These external factors can include things like stress, poor nutrition, negative social interactions.

In a controlled environment, like the home, these potentially harmful elements can be eliminated.

Seniors in Canada are now living longer, and the majority of older adults wish to age in place, meaning in the comfort of home. Children who are dealing with health issues deserve to be in the comfort of home where they can thrive.

The level of service that is needed to allow our clients to live at home while receiving care will differ from individual to individual. In some cases, all that may be needed is a couple sessions a week with a caregiver to provide some extra social interaction and help with daily activities.

For others with chronic health conditions, or other nagging ailments, regular visits from a registered nurse may be required.


Nursing Care Scarborough – Affinity Health

Affinity Health is an acclaimed home care agency that specializes in Nursing Care in Scarborough. These services are designed to help anyone that needs regular nursing procedures, assistance, and supervision from a registered nurse.

Nurses are beginning to have an increased role in home care services and treatments. Canadians are making more use of private home care services in general, but it is becoming much more common to enlist the services of a registered nurse for home treatment.

Nursing Care in Scarborough is a practical solution for those dealing with chronic illness, recovering from a medical procedure, or rehabbing from a fall or other injury.


Nursing Care Scarborough – Services Offered

There are a variety of services offered to seniors and their families to assist with managing disease and illness, as well as to help improve the quality of daily life.

Our Nursing Care in Scarborough includes the following:

  • Medication supervision and administration
  • Wound care
  • Changing dressings
  • Monitoring of vital signs and overall health
  • Catheter care
  • Palliative care
  • Foot care

All Nursing Care in Scarborough offered at Affinity Health can be tailored to match your specific home care needs. A free consultation can be arranged with a nurse to figure out what nursing care services would be most beneficial for your situation.


Foot Care with a Nurse

An excellent example of valuable Nursing Care in Scarborough, is foot care. Affinity Health offers the expertise of professional foot care nurses to help seniors with persistent foot issues. Each foot care nurse is obligated to have taken a specialized course in advanced foot care, to ensure you are getting expert treatment.

Foot problems are a serious concern for seniors because of all the strain and stress we place on our feet throughout our lives. Foot issues that go unchecked, can lead to major mobility complications down the road.


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