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My Roller, RN

My Roller, RN

National Executive Director, Virtual Care


My Roller, our National Executive Director has lead and supported public and private health care sectors for over a decade. She knows what truly drives conversations that result in positive outcomes—and it’s not mastering the quality improvement methodologies, it is how well you connect with the heart-beat of every person who is involved in the end to end journey of our clients and customers.

She brings her passion to pursue excellent client experience by leading and modeling quality improvement mythologies and “spirit” within AffinityHealth Care. Realizing that everyday there is an opportunity to celebrate what we do so well while continuing to be inspired to be better tomorrow

In our ever-changing health care environment, My brings her passion for helping all spectrums from intake to service to ‘adapt relentlessly’ and thus achieving a new standard of excellence that is integrated with our client care.

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