The Covid-19 pandemic has tested the patience and resolve of the vast majority of us. Humans are social creatures and require regular connections with others for health and wellbeing. The social restrictions in place to inhibit the spread of infection have put a serious strain on the ability to comfortably enjoy daily living. These restrictions can be even more burdensome for seniors who typically already have enough difficulty maintaining social relationships.

Risk Of Pandemic Isolation And Depression

Seniors are in the incredibly complex position of trying to navigate their way through a pandemic that puts them at a higher risk of severe effects from the illness with limited resources for assistance. Family caregivers have been a big help during these trying times, but their assistance can only go so far.

Seniors can quickly become isolated as they exercise caution to limit their exposure to the SARS-coV-2 virus. Reduced social interaction and increased loneliness are typical results which can have wider reaching effects on physical and mental health. Periods of isolation can have negative effects on memory and cognitive abilities, increasing the risk of dementia. The longer the isolation and loneliness persist, the higher the chance of depression setting in.

Companion Care Services For Pandemic Relief

Many older adults still need help with daily routines and are struggling to find safe and effective options to attain it. Companion care services can provide a perfect solution for seniors in need of regular assistance and increased social interaction. Delivered in the comfort of home by a professional home acre agency, these services can help prevent loneliness and depression while focusing on improved health and wellbeing.

Benefits Of Companion Care Services During A Pandemic

One of the greatest advantages of companion care services is that they can be scheduled as often as required based on your specific demands. It is recommended to arrange for companion care services on a consistent basis to establish a comfortable and trusting relationship that can be beneficial for several years to come. Now is a perfect time to get started with a home caregiver to provide seniors with a safe method for social activity amongst the risks of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Companion caregivers can:

  • Alleviate loneliness
  • Assist with daily tasks and routines
  • Provide mentally stimulating activities
  • Monitor health
  • Provide respite for family caregivers

Alleviate Loneliness

After retirement, it often becomes more difficult to keep up with social ties and activities. During the Covid-19 pandemic, regular social interaction has become even more difficult for seniors. Companion caregivers provide safe social activity, a compassionate ear, and ongoing support.

Assist With Daily Tasks And Routines

Older adults very often need some help getting through daily routines to optimize health and safety. Declining strength and mobility can make keeping up with housework unmanageable alone. Companion care services can aid in these tasks while also focusing on nutrition, exercise, and overall health.

Mental Stimulation

The boredom created by the circumstances of a pandemic can be crushing if there is no relief in sight. Companion caregivers can engage in conversation as well as other mentally stimulating activities like games and puzzles to keep the mind sharp.

Monitoring Health

Regular visits from a companion caregivers also has the benefit of professional monitoring of health and wellbeing. Experienced caregivers will keep an eye out for your loved one’s wellbeing by monitoring the situation and addressing any changes in health appropriately.

Respite Care

Family caregivers typically require their own support system to focus on their own health and get breaks when necessary. Companion care services offer a great resource for family caregivers to learn on for additional support and assistance.