For seniors who require steady assistance with daily routines and maintaining health, there are different options available depending on needs and preferences. The vast majority of older adults wish to age in the comfort of their own homes for the familiarity and autonomy it provides. This desire to stay at home can be fulfilled with right help and support.

Seniors looking to grow old in the comfortable surroundings of home often rely on a family member in close proximity to provide assistance when needed. While family caregivers can offer great support, there generally comes a time when they are no longer able to manage the load on their own. When care needs become increasingly demanding, a decision will have to be made regarding how to meet these ongoing and growing needs.

Live-In Caregivers VS Assisted Living Facilities

Finding the best solution for older adults that require continual care typically comes down to a choice between two main options: Live-in care or a moving to a retirement community.

Advantages Of Live-In Caregivers

There are a variety of benefits to be gained from live-in care services offered by a professional home care agency. First and foremost, it allows seniors to remain at home where they feel safe and comfortable. There are also many other benefits, such as:

  • One-on-One Care
  • Personalized care plans
  • Retaining independence
  • Family support
  • Excellent value

One-on-One Care

A significant advantage live-in caregivers have over assisted living facilities is the one-to-one care and attention they offer. Home care services provided by a live-in caregiver can be scheduled as often as required. This can be an ongoing arrangement with regular overnight care, or a more temporary solution for illness or injury recovery and healing.

Assisted living facilities and retirement homes are typically overcrowded and under staffed, leaving the senior residents vying for the attention of the sparse help.

Personalized Care Plans

Live-in caregivers can also offer customized care plans that are tailored specifically to individual care requirements and personality preferences in a caregiver. This can include assistance with daily tasks and activities, nursing assistance for health issues, companionship, and much more.

In a retirement home everyone operates on the same schedule and residents usually have to settle for what minimal care is offered by the busy staff.

Retaining Independence

Seniors intent on continuing to live an independent lifestyle can benefit greatly from live-in care services. Live-in caregivers focus on promoting as much autonomy as possible while assisting with the activities that are too strenuous for seniors to handle alone.

In assisted living facilities, there is very little room for freedom as meals, exercise, visiting, and other activities all run on a set schedule. Also, residents of these communities are usually not allowed to come and go as they please.

Family Support

There is also generally a lot more opportunity for family interaction with live-in caregivers. Family members can offer as much assistance and support as they are able while live-in caregivers pick up the slack to allow family caregivers a break. Friends and family are also free to visit anytime.

Retirement communities typically have set visiting hours, limiting the options for interaction. Also, the environment may not be as inviting and comfortable for visiting as home would be.

Excellent Value

Live-in caregivers provide exceptional value in comparison to assisted living facilities. Retirement homes can be shockingly expensive and do not offer anywhere near as much flexibility and support. Live-in care can be customized and scheduled as frequently as needed so you only ever pay for the services you want as often as you require them.