Quite often seniors that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness are extremely hesitant to engage in hospice care because they believe it means going to stay at a specialized facility. While going to an inpatient hospice is certainly an option if that is preferrable, it is certainly not the only possibility. Hospice care at home services can be provided in the comfort of home to maximize familiarity and quality of life while receiving helpful care and support.

Hospice Care At Home Services

Ideal for terminally ill patients that require some assistance managing physical symptoms and coming to grips emotionally with a terminal diagnosis can benefit greatly from hospice care at home services. These services are not only helpful for the affected individual, but also for family members to share the support and gain acceptance of a situation with a dire outcome.

Acceptance, Support & Quality Of Life

In many cases, people by the time hospice care services are an option, it is already too late and all hope is lost. While hospice care does not make any claims about performing miracles, it can provide exceptional comfort for terminally ill patients and their families in the final days and weeks.


A terminal diagnosis can be incredibly difficult to accept, even when determined by a doctor or healthcare professional. Hospice care at home services can help the individual and concerned family members come to terms with the diagnosis and begin working on the best path forward. Hospice care at home services take a holistic approach by considering all aspects and impacts of the illness rather than just the physical symptoms. This can include spiritual support for patients and their families if that is important and appropriate.


Hospice at home caregivers will provide ongoing care and support to assist with anything from daily routines to symptom management and grief counselling. Family members are already under enough stress without having to worry about providing around the clock care for their loved one.

Quality Of Life

Working through the range of feelings that come with a terminal diagnosis can be confusing and frustrating. Hospice care at home caregivers and nurses have been through similar situations before and can offer experienced insight into how to deal with such pain frustration. Consideration will be given to the patient’s last wishes to help make sure quality of life is optimized through hospice care at home services.

Benefits Of Hospice Care At Home Services

There are many great reasons to choose hospice care at home services to help deal with a terminal diagnosis. Some particularly useful benefits include:

  • Hospice care at home services are delivered in a familiar and comfortable setting
  • Professional care & assistance can help with symptom management, acceptance, and grief
  • Personalized one-to-one care
  • Convenient services can be scheduled as often as needed
  • Assistance with daily routines
  • Medical care can be provided by a registered nurse
  • Allows patient to spend more quality time with family and friends
  • Ongoing emotional support
  • End of life wishes are respected and will be assisted with in any way possible
  • Focuses on improving quality of life and dignity during last days to pass peacefully and comfortably