During a pandemic outbreak like Covid-19 it can be extremely difficult for seniors to get the support and assistance they need on a daily basis. Family members that live within close proximity are often a reliable resource for elderly support, but there is a limit to what they are able to offer without endangering their own health. For older adults with no family living in the neighborhood or even the same city, an alternative solution is required.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is a service designed to provide temporary or intermittent care when usual caregivers are unavailable or need a break. It is frequently utilized by elderly individuals and their families to give family caregivers a support system of their own. This helps provide peace of mind in case of an emergency and offers some reprieve for family caregivers to prevent fatigue and burnout.

Respite Care For The Elderly During COVID

Elderly care and support has been a source of stress and concern for a multitude of families during the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, there is the primary concern for the health and safety of elderly family members. Then there is the issue of delivering safe and effective support and assistance without further jeopardizing senior health. One way to resolve this problem in a safe and practical manner is to attain respite care services from a trusted professional home care agency.

Respite Care Services For The Elderly

There is a wide range of respite care services to choose from to assist seniors and their families during COVID. These services can be scheduled as often as required and can be personalized to meet specific requirements and preferences. They are also a great safety net in case of an emergency. Rather than scrambling for assistance after a problem arises, a caregiver relationship will already be established to lean on in a time of need.

Some elderly respite care services that can be quite helpful during Covid-19, include:

Home Support

Housework is a never-ending task that can feel daunting and overwhelming even at the best of times. Seniors that struggle with strength and mobility issues are in particular need of assistance with these incessant tasks. Home caregivers can assist your elderly family member with housekeeping, groceries, errands, medications, laundry, bed making, and other light tasks around the home. They can also help with safe transportation for appointments.

Personal Care

Another ongoing chore that requires constant attention is personal hygiene. This can also be a tricky endeavor for elderly individuals that have trouble with dexterity. Family members often assist with these activities when able due to the private nature involved. However, respite caregivers can also assist with these intimate tasks with compassion and discretion to make seniors feel at ease while maintaining healthy hygiene.

Companion Care

One of the biggest complaints of people of all ages during the COVID pandemic is social isolation. This is even more pertinent to the elderly who often already struggle to keep up with social relationships. Respite caregivers can provide seniors with regular companionship while assisting around the house and keeping your loved one mentally stimulated and physically active.

Meal Preparation

It may be hard for your elderly loved one to get out to the grocery store for fear of increased exposure to Covid-19. Respite caregivers can assist with groceries, meal preparation, and nutrition to keep seniors healthy during the pandemic. Good nutrition is essential for elderly family members to get the energy they need for daily routines and activities.

Care Management

Care management services can help you effectively manage your respite care services to ensure you get the support and assistance you need, when you need it. Nurse care managers can help establish a suitable care plan to optimize your elderly loved one’s health while staying on budget. Respite care for the elderly during COVID is right at your fingertips to reduce stress and worry for the whole family.