downsizeThere may come a time when your living space is no longer practical, and you have to make a decision about how to improve the situation.

Two feasible solutions in circumstance like these are downsizing or decluttering.

Is downsizing a good idea for you or your loved one?

If you are considering downsizing your home for financial, spatial, or safety reasons, then there are a few things to consider, to make sure the move is right for you.

Some things to think about before downsizing, might be:

  • Finances
  • Community
  • Real estate market
  • Maintenance
  • Lifestyle
  • Size
  • Additional expenses
  • Get professional advice
  • Make a careful, informed decision


If you are on a fixed income, with a lot of extra space in your home, then maybe it makes financial sense to downsize. The profits from selling your home could be used as a nest egg for comfort and security.


Sometimes it can be hard to move away from the community you have lived in for years. If there are no alternative housing options in your area, then that could be something to think about.

Are you willing to move out of your neighborhood?

Real Estate Market

Current trends in the real estate market may have some bearing on your decision to downsize. Perhaps it is not an ideal time to sell. That could weigh in on your decision, and help you determine just how much you want to move.


This is often a big factor for seniors. If the upkeep required to maintain your current home is unmanageable, then that could be a compelling reason to downsize.

If home maintenance is serious concern, then downsizing to a condo is likely a more practical, where all the maintenance is handled for you.


If you have lived in the same home for many years, then you have probably gotten used to the lifestyle it affords.

Maybe you have built an amazing vegetable garden that you don’t want to leave behind, or your home is located on or near the water.

While it can be difficult to leave some aspects of your life behind, there are also new and exciting possibilities and opportunities to consider with a move.


The amount of space you are living in will also likely be a factor. If your home feels too big and empty then downsizing might seem sensible.

Can any of the empty or unused rooms be turned into something more useful?

For example, what about turning one of the kid’s old rooms into an art studio or library? Maybe the basement could be converted into a home theatre?

If there is just no practical use for the space then downsizing may be inevitable.

Additional Expenses

Things like property taxes and other monthly expenses that are required to keep to the house maintained and functional should be considered.

Downsizing might considerably reduce your monthly costs.

Professional Advice

Getting a professional, unbiased opinion about your living situation can help shed some new light on the decision.

Seeking advice from a real estate agent or realtor is suggested. Find someone that comes highly recommended from a trustworthy source if possible. You may also want to speak to multiple agents for a little diversity.

Make and Informed Decision

Downsizing is obviously a big move, requiring a careful and well thought out decision.

It is best not too rush into anything, but it is also not recommended to wait too long, because later a move could be extremely burdensome due to deteriorating health.

If downsizing is not for you, then maybe a simple decluttering of the home will suffice.

How to Declutter your Home

Whether you are moving or not, decluttering your home can be a great move for your health, comfort, and safety.

Some steps you can take to rid your home of clutter might include:

  • Take an organized approach
  • Clear walkways
  • Sort items you don’t wish to keep
  • Give to charity
  • Purge


The first step is to get organized by making lists and schedules. Doing the work in small doses makes the whole project seem less daunting.

Attack one room at a time, getting rid of anything you don’t use or need.

Clear Walkways

Falls in the home are one of the biggest injury concerns for seniors. Clearing out large walking spaces can help rid the home of potential trip hazards.


Sort all the things you don’t want to keep into either garbage, things to sell, or things to give away.

Give to Charity

Give away one item a day to charity or someone in need and watch your pile of clutter slowly disappear.


Don’t be afraid to get rid of things. Purging your home of unnecessary items can be freeing and satisfying.