Preserving independence is frequently one of the most reported concerns for seniors as they age. Most older adults have a strong desire to age at home in an environment that is familiar and comfortable. For those wishes to become a reality, a certain level of health must be retained to make it feasible. A critical factor for maintaining independence is mobility, which all starts with the feet.

Home Foot Care Services To Help Keep Seniors’ Feet Clean And Healthy

Over time, feet are under a tremendous amount of pressure just from the regular aspects of daily living. It is estimated that the average person takes well over 215 million steps in their lifetime! Just think of how much wear and tear that type of activity puts on the feet. For this reason, the feet of elderly individuals need considerably more care with age.

Daily Cleaning

Bathing habits tend to change a bit with age, as it may no longer seem as necessary to bathe or shower every day as it did when employment and busy schedules were part of the regular routine. However, when feet are not regularly cleaned it opens the door to a variety of fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. Even just taking a few minutes every day to wash feet with soap and warm water can help keep them healthy. Feet should also be thoroughly dried after washing.

Toenail Care

Keeping toenails clean and short is another effective foot care practice to get into. Overgrown toenails can result in pain, difficulty walking, and infection. Soaking feet in warm water before trimming toenails can help soften them up a bit making the job a little easier. Toenails should also not be cut too short to prevent the risk of infection.


The skin on the feet can easily become dry and damaged without proper care. Chronic dry skin is more susceptible to cracking and flaking which can inhibit mobility. Severely cracked dry skin is vulnerable to painful sores and infections. After feet have been properly washed and dried, it is a good practice to follow that up with a good foot lotion. This helps lock in moisture to keep the skin soft and healthy.

Stimulating Blood Flow

Good circulation is another crucial aspect of foot health and sustained mobility. Regular exercise is a great way to enhance blood circulation so the cells in the feet are getting the oxygen and nutrients they need. Getting out for regular walks helps keep the muscles in the feet active and limber. Even just putting your feet up intermittently and wriggling the toes and rotating the ankles can help encourage better blood flow.

Consistent Monitoring

Regularly checking feet for sores, blemishes, and irritations is another recommended foot care practice. It is a good idea to have feet checked routinely by a healthcare professional to make sure no problems are developing. Any irregularities should be treated as soon as possible to prevent serious issues.

Professional Home Foot Care Services

Foot care is an ongoing requirement that may seem overwhelming for seniors with mobility or flexibility issues. Home caregivers can assist with all aspects of routine foot care to keep the feet clean and healthy. Effective foot care helps ensure that seniors can continue to enjoy daily routines and activities pain and worry free.