Depending on the specific location and what restriction levels one may be exposed to, many Covid-19 testing clinics are currently heavily booked. One convenient and effective way to respond to this issue is with mobile Covid-19 testing services.

Who Can Benefit From Mobile COVID-19 Testing When You Don’t Have Symptoms?

Mobile Covid-19 testing can be provided in the comfort of your own home, in the workplace, or any other location you are comfortable with. This provides a safe and practical option for:

  • Families and individuals that are concerned about exposure and not experiencing symptoms;
  • Businesses that need ongoing COVID testing for business continuity; or
  • Anyone preparing for travel.

Rapid Testing Options

Some testing centres offer multiple testing options including rapid test results. It is important to scrutinise the type of rapid testing made available since some alternatives, such as antigen or isothermal testing, provide significantly lower accuracy rates and produce a higher number of false negatives than would be the case for standard polymerase testing. It is critical to ask about the type of test to ensure that you are not putting family, co-workers and the general community at risk with the presumption of a negative result when antigen and isothermal testing can have false negatives as high as 28% and 20% respectively compared with polymerase chain reaction test that averages less than 5% false negatives.

Family And Individual Testing

People without COVID symptoms living in the Ottawa / National Capital Region and the Greater Toronto Area can get peace of mind with quick and accurate mobile Covid-19 testing services at Clinix Health ( Appointments can be booked for home testing or group testing for multiple family members at the clinic. These Covid testing services should only be booked if you are currently not experiencing any symptoms. If you are exhibiting any COVID symptoms, please contact your local public health unit test centre for assistance.

Items you will need to bring to your test appointment:

The screening questionnaire is designed as a self-assessment that you should look over and review before arriving at your appointment. As long as you are not experiencing any of the listed symptoms, have not traveled outside of Canada in the last 2 weeks, and have not had contact with any confirmed Covid cases without the proper PPE gear, you may proceed to your appointment.

Workplace Testing

Mobile testing services that can be delivered in the workplace are an excellent option for any businesses looking to maximize occupational health and safety so that businesses can get back to work. Arrangements will be made in advance to get an idea of the number of people being tested, and to establish a safe environment for the testing to take place. The testing centre at Clinix Health ( offers ‘turn-key’ solutions that will register employees, book their testing, and generate resulting in an organised and co-ordinated fashion with replicable schedules per organisational needs – allowing businesses to focus on the busines of running their companies. Only individuals not outwardly exhibiting symptoms will be eligible for testing.

The requirements are the same for workplace testing and all employees that will be engaging in a test will need to bring a mask, a valid photo ID, and will have reviewed the Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire (

Pre-Travel Testing

Mobile test services offer a quick and easy way to ensure you are negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus before traveling. To be on the safe side, individuals should have the test done at least 3 days prior to departure to ensure the results are ready before leaving. Travel testing is often a good candidate for rapid testing where results can be provided in 90 minutes or less generating valid certificates useful for on-boarding screening.

Again, a face mask, a valid photo ID, and review of the screening questionnaire are required for your appointment.

Covid-19 Test Results

Appointments typically take around 10 minutes per person. Tests will be conducted individually in a safe and comfortable environment, and staff members will be wearing appropriate PPE gear. A specimen will be collected from your nose and sent to a Health Canada approved lab.

Withing 36 hours of test administration you will receive an email with a certificate detailing your results. If you have tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you will be contacted by a physician and your results will be shared with the local Public Health unit for follow up.

Contact Clinix Health to arrange your COVID test (