Home support services provided by a professional home care agency offer a practical and effective way for seniors to optimize health and manage daily routines. This assistance is incredibly helpful and even essential during a pandemic like Covid-19 when public healthcare is overburdened and health and safety are at a greater risk.

Pandemic Concerns For Seniors

Covid-19 has presented a range of challenges and concerns for all of us, but no age group has been affected more severely than the 65 plus demographic. Not only are they more vulnerable to serious side effects from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, access to the general healthcare assistance they have come to rely on is compromised due to overrun hospitals and clinics. Home support services have become more useful than ever to keep seniors safe and healthy.

Home Support Services For Seniors

In many cases, seniors and family caregivers are feeling overwhelmed with the strain and stress the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have placed upon their lives. Professional home caregivers can help provide some additional support for seniors and their families to ensure they are getting the level of assistance they need.

Some of the home support services available include:

Housekeeping Assistance

The vast majority of seniors have made a conscious decision to age at home and are making a concerted effort to make that happen. Typically, one of the first areas in which older adults need some help to maintain daily routines is housekeeping. Since home upkeep is never-ending task, it can seem impossible to manage alone, especially for seniors with declining strength and mobility.

Home caregivers can assist with a variety of light housekeeping tasks from laundry to tidying and home safety. Excess clutter and poor organization can increase the risk of falls in the home resulting in serious injury. Housekeeping assistance can be scheduled as often as needed to keep the living space clean and comfortable.

Nutrition, Meal Planning & Prep

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is one of the most important factors for preserving good overall health. During a pandemic, food options become more limited and getting all the essential vitamins and minerals can be neglected. Home caregivers can help by planning out nutritious and delicious meals for the week and then assist with grocery shopping and preparation. Getting proper nutrition helps keep the immune system strong to fight off infectious illness.

Medication Reminders

Medication management can also be a tricky endeavor for seniors taking multiple medications at once. Remembering when and how to take each medication can be confusing without an effective routine. Home caregivers can help set up a practical medication schedule and ensure all medications are being taken exactly as directed.

Appointments And Errands

Although appointments may be limited with social restrictions and stay at home orders in effect, seniors still may need to venture out for medical appointments. A home caregiver can accompany your loved one to appointments for added safety and peace of mind. Home caregivers can also assist with errands and other essential chores.

Companion Care

Among the biggest pandemic concerns a lot of seniors face is social isolation and loneliness. Seniors that live alone may be extremely limited in who they are able to stay in contact with. Companion care services offer seniors a new companion in the form of a home caregiver who will not only offer some additional social interaction but also ongoing assistance and support.