The majority of people tend to want to remain in their own homes even as they get older and less mobile. Most seek support through family or care services. Many people feel more comfortable in their own homes, and have built a life there over the years. Great memories and comfort aside, remaining in the home can present new hazards that were not an issue in the past. Falling is one example of such hazards or risks. Safety measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Fall Prevention

How to Prevent Falls in the Household

Numerous provisions can be implemented to improve home safety:

  • Ensure cords are tucked away
  • Get rid of any loose rugs or mats
  • Make sure handrails are not loose
  • Construct clear walking paths
  • Remove clutter or dangerous furniture

If you have rugs or mats that you would like to keep but you think they might pose a problem, you can use double sided tape to secure them. Handrails can also be added around the house for extra walking support. The bathtub or shower can become a hazardous area for the elderly. Preventing falls in the bathroom can be done by installing handrails in and next to the shower to provide a safe access getting in and out. Putting down sticky strips or a bathmat with good grip on the floor of the tub is helpful.

Falling hazards can also be present outside the house. It is important to ensure all walkways, stairs, and paths are cleared and not slippery. If you are in a winter climate, help will be needed with snow removal and making sure icy patches have been covered with salt. Extra caution is suggested if stairs or pathways are wet with rain. Good footwear is also instrumental in preventing falls outside the home. Wearing good, comfortable shoes that fit well and have excellent traction is the first safety precaution to consider. Installing extra lighting around the house is a good safety measure to help prevent falls in the dark. Considering these factors and taking steps to increase safety in and around the house can allow your loved one’s home to continue to be a secure and comfortable place for them to livH