A good way to preserve and cultivate daily life skills is through recreational activities. As we get older and we retire, we tend to become less involved in the outside world. This doesn’t have to be the case, there are several enterprises that can be undertaken to stay connected. If you are battling health conditions, engaging in useful activities can even be therapeutic. They can help you stay grounded during a confusing time of change. Here are some suggested tasks that may be useful.

Current Events

Staying up to date with current events is great way to stay connected to the outside world. This can be done by watching the news, reading a newspaper, or looking online. Reading a newspaper is a good way to go about it, as reading improves cognitive function and keeps the brain working. Reading is also good for memory, improving concentration, and relieving stress.


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Doing some volunteer work is a very engaging way to get involved in your community. Not only is it helpful to others, it can provide tremendous benefits for the volunteer as well. It provides a means for social interaction while boosting feelings of self-worth. Instead of becoming isolated at home, getting out in the community to help others can be very rewarding and satisfying. Being outside is also a good way to get some fresh air and some physical activity.


Music is a fantastic mood lifter. Listening to some old classics, music from your youth can really enhance your mood. It is also good for memory, as listening to music from a previous period in your life can bring back a flood of fond memories. If you like to dance, dancing is a great form of physical activity. Listening to your favorite music can bring relaxation and decrease stress.


Spending time with animals can also be very therapeutic. It can have positive effects like:

  • Reducing stress
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Fighting depression
  • Enhancing mood

If you are not feeling overly social and are not in the mood for conversation, spending time with an animal can be a healthy alternative. You might want to look into adopting a pet if this seems like a good option for you.

Daily Errands

It may not seem like a big deal to go out and get groceries, or go to the bank, or prepare a meal, but taking part in these tasks can make your loved one feel useful. It gets them outdoors, they get a little exercise, some social interaction, and there is a goal to achieve. Doing this on a regular basis can really serve to enhance your loved one’s feelings of independence that they otherwise may have lost.

If you require any assistance in carrying out these tasks, our caregivers at Retire-At-Home Toronto are here to help in any capacity. Please contact our office for more information.