The Wonders of a Simple Walk - Affinity Health OttawaA simple little stroll can help make all the difference in how seniors feel in a day.

The list of activities that seniors can take part in to keep themselves busy, engaged, and interested throughout the day is unending. There are so many possible ways to spend time that can meet any interest and can accommodate any level of ability.

Walking is one of those activities that is generally accessible for seniors, whether it be a lovely stroll outside, a walk around the mall, a jaunt around any favourite area, or just a walk through the house. Getting out for a walk is something that seems simple, but can be beneficial for seniors in multiple meaningful ways.

 How Walks Are Magic

When it comes to the ways in which walking can be beneficial, the list is long and the things that resonate will differ from person to person. The wonderful thing about walking is that it can benefit seniors on many levels, from the physical to the emotional. The following are some of the ways in which a walk can help seniors feel better.

  • Increases Balance and Stability: Walking helps the body to become more efficient and capable of keeping balanced and stable. This can be helpful to give seniors extra tools to help prevent falls or to catch themselves if they begin to tumble.
  • Improves Sleep: Walking around is a form of exercise and can help to tire out the body in a healthy way that can help promote a more restful sleep. Walking outside in fresh air can be especially beneficial as the combination of movement and outdoor air can lead to a great sleep.
  • Improves Circulation: Getting up and moving helps to facilitate blood flow and keep circulation going.
  • Strengthens Muscles: Walking is a great way to strengthen different muscles in the body in a low-impact and minimally strenuous way.
  • Opportunity for Mindfulness: Many people enjoy walking meditation and use walking as an opportunity to practice mindfulness and try being present and in tune with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations.
  • Connection with Surroundings: Walking around can help seniors to feel more connected to their environment and to the things that are going on around them.
  • Social Opportunity: Walking can be done alone, but can also be done with loved-ones and friends. Seniors can head out with their pals to catch up while they walk or can even join walking groups as an opportunity to meet new people and get social.
  • Mood Booster: Walking has been proven to help lower anxiety and stress, as well as to boost positive emotions such as happiness and a sense of calm.

Walking is, overall, a great activity for seniors’ minds and bodies, and can be beneficial when added into seniors’ routines. Even seniors who are less mobile can reap some of the benefits by getting out for just a short time or by going out for a stroll with their mobility devices and some friends. Walking offers an opportunity for seniors to chat, visit, think, engage, explore, exercise, and just be.


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