Supporting and caring for an elderly family member can be satisfying, but it can also be very demanding. At times, carrying that responsibility can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. That is a completely normal reaction considering the challenging nature of providing care. If you feel yourself starting to unravel, here are some pointers for dealing with serious fatigue.

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Consider Your Own Needs

Supporting and caring for your elderly loved one may be your number one priority, but is impossible to give the proper care if your own health is faltering. Pay attention to your own needs as well. Listen if your body is telling you that you need a break. Providing constant care for a loved one can be exhausting on many levels:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally

These steady demands can end in exhaustion, anxiety, or depression if you don’t take care of yourself. Make sure you are eating well and getting enough sleep to avoid burnout. If you feel you are becoming overwhelmed in your situation, there is no shame in asking for help.

Fatigue is a Normal Response

Feeling weariness from the stresses of taking care of your loved is a very common reaction. The situation of one person caring for another is bound to test the patience of both parties involved. Feeling overwhelmed in such an arrangement is certainly no reflection on your strength or dedication as a caregiver.

Care for the Caregiver

If you feel you are at the point of exhaustion and you do not have the energy to maintain this care relationship, it may be time to seek assistance. Visit a doctor or healthcare professional to get yourself checked out. There may be nothing wrong, but a check up may provide you with some piece of mind.

Pool your Resources

Seek out others in a similar situation for advice, support, or tips on handling certain situations. Due to a growing population of seniors, there are more caregivers available than ever to share ideas and resources. Having others to rely on can provide a huge boost in energy and motivation.

Treat Yourself

Always remember to make time for yourself to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Take the time to do something fun to boost your spirits. You are no position to help someone else improve their health if you yourself are not maintaining a healthy body and mind.

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