Transportation can become an issue for us as we get older. Due to a decline in vision as well as motor skills and reflexes, it may get to the point where your loved can no longer drive themselves around. This can pose a problem as people still need to get out to buy groceries, attend a local event, or get to a scheduled appointment. Exploring dependable and secure transportation options will help determine the best method for your situation.

Retire-At-Home Toronto can help ease the burden of transportation complications. We can help ensure your loved one doesn’t miss out on any activities they have enjoyed in the past and want to continue to take part in. We will not only assist with travel, we will also provide a friendly and helpful companion for your loved one. This assistance also includes any medical or care-related appointments your loved one needs to get to. Our caregivers also provide support preparing for these outings. From making sure all necessary items are packed, to getting your loved one to an appointment or event on time, to getting them safely back home, while dealing with any issues that may arise along the way.

Car Travel

Retire-at-Home Toronto basically offers three options for assisted car travel. It is important to make sure the correct insurance coverage is set up to avoid any problematic situations.

Option 1 – Driving the client in the client’s vehicle

  • If the client has a vehicle and would the caregiver to drive it to appointments and outings
  • Retire-At-Home Toronto will need a copy of the client’s insurance that covers additional drivers
  • Retire-At-Home Toronto will get a copy of the caregiver’s valid driver’s license
  • No additional charges will be made for this transportation option
  • A special waiver form must be signed before using this service

Option 2 – Driving the client in the caregiver’s vehicle

  • If the caregiver would like to provide transportation using his/her own vehicle
  • Retire-At-Home Toronto will make sure the proper insurance is engaged before using this option
  • If a caregiver uses his/her own vehicle, the client will pay a small per-kilometer fee to cover gas and vehicle wear and tear
  • A special waiver must be signed before implementing this option

Option 3 – Accompanying the client in a taxi or vehicle service

  • The client will pay for the cost of the taxi, no additional charges will be incurred
  • The caregiver may also pay for the taxi and add it to the client’s regular bill if this arrangement is worked out beforehand

Other Transportation

Public transportation is another option available for travel in Toronto. If no vehicle is available, or the client would prefer not to travel by car, assistance can be provided for using public transportation if this is a feasible option for you loved one.

Extended travel options are also available. Retire-At-Home Toronto can assist with flights, train travel, and even moving arrangements if a client is moving house. We want to be there to help ensure secure travels, provide companionship, and make sure your loved one arrives at his/her destination safely.

For more information regarding Retire-At-Home Toronto’s transportation services please contact our office.