Portrait Of Senior Friends Hiking In CountrysideFor people that love to travel, the senior years are often a good time to do it because of the free time that is finally available to make it happen.

Many seniors are interested in getting out and seeing the world, as long as their health allows it. You are never too old to experience all the incredible sights and activities the world has to offer, and with the right planning, the elder years can be an ideal time to travel.

Good planning is often the key to any successful trip, and seniors in particular can benefit from additional planning to prevent anxiety, stress, and health issues.




Travel Recommendations for Seniors

There are several suggested steps older adults can take to help take the worry out of traveling.

Going on a trip can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Careful preparation can help ease the tension and offer some peace of mind for senior travelers and their families.

Some recommended travel tips for older adults, include:

  • Speak with your doctor
  • Research your options
  • Advanced booking for flight and accommodations
  • Make a travel list
  • Contact the airline in advance
  • Find out about travel insurance
  • Share your itinerary

Speak with your Doctor

This could be a good recommended first step for any older adults interested in travel. It is a good idea to be as up front and open as possible about any existing health conditions and medications to ensure travel is safe.

Once you have been given the green light by your doctor, you should make sure you have plenty of all required medications to avoid running out while traveling. Trying to refill medications in a foreign country can be difficult, or even simply not possible.

Luggage can sometimes get lost in transit, so splitting your meds between multiple bags is a good safety precaution.


Doing as much research as possible about your destination before take-off is always a highly recommended practice.

If you know someone that has traveled to your intended location before, pump them for all the information you can. If not, online reviews are readily available to give you a better idea about what it is like to travel in that region.

Extensive research can help prevent confusion and unwanted surprises upon arrival.

Advanced Booking

There are many reasons to book your trip as far in advance as possible. Aside from getting better deals, it also gives you much more time to adequately prepare.

A lot of resorts, bed and breakfasts, and hotels, offer special discounts for seniors. This may come in the form of discounted rates, complimentary meals, additional perks, or special activities.

Seniors may want to go through a travel agent instead of booking online to fully take advantage of available deals. Travel agents will likely have extra insights and knowledge about senior discounts.

Travel List

This can be one of the best ways to plan for any trip. Making a list well in advance, of things you want to pack and tasks you need to accomplish, can be a huge stress saver.

Starting a packing list weeks in advance means you have plenty of time to edit it, so you don’t end up packing too much or too little.

Seniors may also want to make a list of health clinics, hospitals, and doctors at the destination to be prepared for emergency.

Contact the Airline

Older adults that have special dietary requirements or seating needs, should call the airline before departure to make the necessary arrangements.

Requests made in advance will likely be happily accommodated.

Travel Insurance

Insurance is suggested for all travelers, but especially for seniors with health issues.

Health complications arising in another country can drain your bank account in a hurry. Neglecting to purchase health insurance in advance can not only ruin your trip, but have lasting consequences for years to come.

Travel insurance is available through your financial institution or many private insurance companies.

There are several different types of travel insurance, so make sure you are getting the proper coverage for your trip.

Share your Itinerary

Make sure to share your complete itinerary with a family member or friend before you leave so your loved ones are not worried about you. This includes contact numbers for all your booked accommodations.

Email is an effective way to reach people from a foreign country. WhatsApp is a free communication application that can be downloaded to your phone that offers free international calling and texting.